AAF Dubuque AAAwards Winners Tab 2017

The 411 Son

There is a great piece on page 6 and 7. HINT: It's me. Spoiler Alert: It's about the award I won. Note: It has all the other winners from different categories too so it's not a total loss. Some good competition this year. I invite you to check it out. What is the point of a blog without shameless self endorsement and being a smug bastard once in awhile. 

Grabbed a Gold at the American Advertising Awards Folks


I had the honor of winning a GOLD American Advertising Award for my package design and marketing campaign for "Duber Pilsner Bier" brewed by Dubuque Beer Company in Dubuque, IA.

The next step is moving on in the upcoming national competition. That's where they separate the men from the boys, or girls from the women to be politically correct. This country. It was a pretty great honor and something I had been working on for a long time. I will keep you posted on upcoming events in case someone, besides my mother, is reading this. Cheers for now!  



uncle sam adam zalaznik

Professional Window Tint WANTS YOU

Professional Window Tint in Dubuque, Iowa has a promotion where they give their customers a free t-shirt with every transaction. What started as a simple promotion turned into something much larger. People now look forward to seeing the next up and coming design and want to know how they can get one. PWT only gives the shirts away to paying customers so you can see where it might drive a little business here or there. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to design a few of them. Jason Kubitz, the owner, likes to get his inspiration from military and patriotic designs. So, that is pretty much what we have been doing....and it seems to be working. Learn more about the business here.  You can see some previous designs below. 

The NEW Dubuque Rescue Mission Website


I just finished up the New & Improved website for the Dubuque Rescue Mission. The site had not been updated since the Clinton administration. So needless to say we had some work to do. I gave it a clean fresh look. It wasn't about the design as it was  about the function. We wanted to get the info out there as well as info on donations, volunteering, and general info. I think we accomplished it. Take a moment to check it out and see if you can provide any help.