AAF Dubuque AAAwards Winners Tab 2017

The 411 Son

There is a great piece on page 6 and 7. HINT: It's me. Spoiler Alert: It's about the award I won. Note: It has all the other winners from different categories too so it's not a total loss. Some good competition this year. I invite you to check it out. What is the point of a blog without shameless self endorsement and being a smug bastard once in awhile. 

Singer/Songwriter Caitlyn Wolfe Logo Design

I had the opportunity to work with Caitlyn Wolfe and bring her brand to life. She wanted her logo to reflect her style of music and personality. After many changes, versions, and updates we finally nailed it. She will be using this for her upcoming album art and merchandise. 

Pinnacle Cellular & Satellite digital billboard design


This digital billboard was created for PINNACLE Cellular & Satellite (US Cellular and DIRECTV) in the Dubuque area. A series of 12 different versions were created in 3 different locations. Located near Sam's Club, Hampton Inn, and Menards. I recommend you stop into Pinnacle today. They have some pretty stellar deals in my humble opinion.