Before & After for Jakked Gym T-Shirt Design by Adam Zalaznik. Drawing by unknown artist. 

Before & After for Jakked Gym T-Shirt Design by Adam Zalaznik. Drawing by unknown artist. 

I recently had the opportunity to work with FGC Creative and Jakked Gym for a cool new t-shirt design. They had a local artist draw up a new design for their advertising and marketing campaigns in 2018. I was sent the black and white image you see above. I was then given the task by FGC and Jakked Gym to add 4-5 colors using their branding colors and incorporating fire somewhere as well. Using different tools in Abode CC I was able to create the final image you see above. I was extremely happy with the results and wanted to share the progress. The next step is to create the separations for t-shirt printing. This is where FGC Creative comes in. They print the separations, setup the t-shirts, and print each one by hand. Not only that they sort, box, and ship right to your door. WIN/WIN/WIN. Stay tuned with the progress and order your shirts soon at Jakked Gym. 


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Professional Window Tint WANTS YOU

Professional Window Tint in Dubuque, Iowa has a promotion where they give their customers a free t-shirt with every transaction. What started as a simple promotion turned into something much larger. People now look forward to seeing the next up and coming design and want to know how they can get one. PWT only gives the shirts away to paying customers so you can see where it might drive a little business here or there. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to design a few of them. Jason Kubitz, the owner, likes to get his inspiration from military and patriotic designs. So, that is pretty much what we have been doing....and it seems to be working. Learn more about the business here.  You can see some previous designs below.