Dubuque County Energy District Logo Design


I just received final approval on the Dubuque Energy District logo I had been working on for the past few weeks. Here is the final result and a little back story on the new initiative:

Dubuque County Energy District is a newly-formed non-profit organization committed to building a vibrant economy, resilient community, and a stable climate for generations to come. Working with residents and community partners, we will do this through investments in education, energy planning, market transformation, investment, and advocacy in Dubuque County.

Down on Main Street... (Bob Seger voice)

main street escape

I recently finished up the design for the Main Street Escape room in Dubuque, IA. While the renovation continues the sign will be mounted outside very soon. This was produced on a double sided aluminum sign with drilled holes and waterproof material to take on the elements. I used the vintage style and class of the early years of Iowa's oldest city for my inspiration. I look forward to working with Main Street Escape more in the future. Visit them and follow the progress at http://www.mainstreetescape.com/. 


Before & After for Jakked Gym T-Shirt Design by Adam Zalaznik. Drawing by unknown artist. 

Before & After for Jakked Gym T-Shirt Design by Adam Zalaznik. Drawing by unknown artist. 

I recently had the opportunity to work with FGC Creative and Jakked Gym for a cool new t-shirt design. They had a local artist draw up a new design for their advertising and marketing campaigns in 2018. I was sent the black and white image you see above. I was then given the task by FGC and Jakked Gym to add 4-5 colors using their branding colors and incorporating fire somewhere as well. Using different tools in Abode CC I was able to create the final image you see above. I was extremely happy with the results and wanted to share the progress. The next step is to create the separations for t-shirt printing. This is where FGC Creative comes in. They print the separations, setup the t-shirts, and print each one by hand. Not only that they sort, box, and ship right to your door. WIN/WIN/WIN. Stay tuned with the progress and order your shirts soon at Jakked Gym. 


Brochure Design by Adam Zalaznik

I was given the final product today that I have been working on past few weeks. It was professionally printed by Union-Hoermann Press, and they did an amazing job. My favorite part is when they come fresh from the printer and have that "new toy smell". In reality its probably cancer causing fumes but nostalgic nonetheless.