Brochure Design by Adam Zalaznik

I was given the final product today that I have been working on past few weeks. It was professionally printed by Union-Hoermann Press, and they did an amazing job. My favorite part is when they come fresh from the printer and have that "new toy smell". In reality its probably cancer causing fumes but nostalgic nonetheless. 

COMING SOON: Summertime Dubuque Pilsner with Lime

I was just recently notified that the government approved our label for the new Summertime brew. The design was designed for a 12oz. can. The beer goes into production on Friday and we look forward to sampling it. This label was inspired and designed for people who enjoy their time cruising on the Mississippi River or some pond in the middle of nowhere. One again I wanted to capture the nostalgia of old time beer labels with a slightly new feel. As soon as I can get my hands on the first 6 pack I will report back with reviews and photos of the sexy new can. Cheers.

AAF Dubuque AAAwards Winners Tab 2017

The 411 Son

There is a great piece on page 6 and 7. HINT: It's me. Spoiler Alert: It's about the award I won. Note: It has all the other winners from different categories too so it's not a total loss. Some good competition this year. I invite you to check it out. What is the point of a blog without shameless self endorsement and being a smug bastard once in awhile. 

Killdozer Band Poster

I had the opportunity to recreate and design the new poster that will be printed by FGC Creative in the coming months. Killdozer was a band from the 80's & 90's out of Madison, Wisconsin who recorded under Touch & Go Records. They toured with bands like the Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, and Black Bear. Contact me now if you would be interested in purchasing these limited edition posters.

Learn more about the band here.