Killdozer Band Poster

I had the opportunity to recreate and design the new poster that will be printed by FGC Creative in the coming months. Killdozer was a band from the 80's & 90's out of Madison, Wisconsin who recorded under Touch & Go Records. They toured with bands like the Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, and Black Bear. Contact me now if you would be interested in purchasing these limited edition posters.

Learn more about the band here.

Community Foundation Storyboards

Every year at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque's "Annual Luncheon" they print and frame storyboards for its members. This is usually to let the donors know how everything is running and success stories to share. I was in charge of designing a cohesive, brand friendly, storyboard design for members to easily view and read. While I was in no way trying to reinvent the wheel here, it needed to look professional, clean, and easy on the eyes. Here is a collection of some of those designs. 

Custom Design & Printed Products Folks!

I am excited to announce my ability to now design, print, and ship custom made products to you. All you need is an idea or concept and I will design, print, and send it directly to your home or business. Maybe its a softball team shirt, a company mug, or even socks for Grandma Judy. Contact me now and we can get started on a FREE quote


The campaign is heating up and the voters are getting ready to "Rock the Vote." That's still a thing right? I mean it was cool in the 90's. What year is this? Here is the first campaign video for your viewing pleasure. If you're not in on the joke here yet, I am letting the world know I can make promo videos and what not. Learn more on the page.