The NEW Dubuque Rescue Mission Website

dubuque rescue mission

I just finished up the New & Improved website for the Dubuque Rescue Mission. The site had not been updated since the Clinton administration. So needless to say we had some work to do. I gave it a clean fresh look. It wasn't about the design as it was  about the function. We wanted to get the info out there as well as info on donations, volunteering, and general info. I think we accomplished it. Take a moment to check it out and see if you can provide any help. 

Custom Design & Printed Products Folks!

I am excited to announce my ability to now design, print, and ship custom made products to you. All you need is an idea or concept and I will design, print, and send it directly to your home or business. Maybe its a softball team shirt, a company mug, or even socks for Grandma Judy. Contact me now and we can get started on a FREE quote

Singer/Songwriter Caitlyn Wolfe Logo Design

I had the opportunity to work with Caitlyn Wolfe and bring her brand to life. She wanted her logo to reflect her style of music and personality. After many changes, versions, and updates we finally nailed it. She will be using this for her upcoming album art and merchandise. 

Dubuque, Bottom's Up!

Would you believe I spent time trying to come up with a catchy headline and that's what I settled with? Meh, it's Friday at 5:15pm. After much prep and updates, changes, material, and ink. We finally finished my latest t-shirt design. I wanted to create a tourist shirt that lets people know what Dubuque's all about.  Da-booooze Iowa.. get it.. ok, I'm done.. I'm stupid.. no more workie. 

If you are interested in purchasing one they are exclusively sold at Murph's Tap in Dubuque Iowa. 

*T-Shirts printed at FGC Creative in Dubuque, Iowa.