Congratulations! I wanted to first thank you for taking the time to like, share, and enter the Adam Zalaznik Design Giveaway. I hope you took a moment to check out my website and see what I have to offer. If not, that's ok too. I forgive you. My goal is to reach new and potential clients for 2018. It’s hard to stick out in the chaos of social media these days. I am confident with the work I do and the services I provide, soooooo why not give some things away to prove it? Ok, I'll shut up and give you the details on what you won and where we go from here. One more plug. Please don't be afraid to share what you won with your friends and family and I’ll throw in some extra stuff for a successful referral. Ok.. I’m done. 

So this is where you and I get creative. You have some options here. You can have a personally designed shirt of your choosing. I'll need the size, the color, and what you would like it to say or art you would like on it. This includes a design on the front or back, up to 2 colors. Maybe you have a reunion coming up, birthday, anniversary, retirement party, it doesn't matter. You can have one made just for yourself, or if you LOVE the design you are MORE THAN WELCOME to order some for your family and friends. Of course you’ll have to pay for those but it’s really a win/win for both of us. There is no catch. No cost to you for the first t-shirt, I'll cover the cost of the shirt, design, screen print, and shipping. Mainly because I am a super nice guy but also I want to show you what I can do.




Just fill out the form below and we can get started designing your shirt. The more info you can give me the better. A couple things to consider is it can only be on the front or back of the shirt. You can choose up to 2 colors of ink. I will go over your request and send you samples as we go. Soon as you give me the approval it will be on it's way. There is no cost to you. This is not a scam or a get rich scheme. It's just a simple designer trying to get his name out there and make some new friends and clients.

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